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Welcome to our Model Showcase.  
A unique website created to promote the Models that we work with.

Here you will soon find Profile Pages for a select group of Models invited to be featured on this website by the Photographers that shoot for our Publications.

Our Number 1 focus at the moment is EXPOSURE for our Photographers and Models !

I read a quote recently that stated "The days of posting whatever you want and getting it seen by everybody who "likes" your page are gone !"
"Now Facebook decides who sees what"

We have seen this trend approaching, and as a result we have shifted our marketing back to our websites. And at the same time. We have created new websites that are content specific and linked all of the websites together to create a very powerful network.

Getting your face, image, information out there is critical. Too many girls think that doing a shoot and posting the pics to Facebook s going to do it. That is so far from the truth. 

With OVER 1.49 BILLION people on Facebook. And literally thousands of models around the world all looking for a piece of the action. Your chances are VERY slim !

The Key NOW is Marketing, Networking and getting yourself on as many high profile Websites as possible !

We create these opportunities !

Our Websites